Barcelona is where 15% and 40% of Spain and Catalonia’s electric vehicles (EVs) are respectively registered. That means that Barcelona leads the way in adopting measures for promoting electric vehicles and is a benchmark model for other cities in the world.

The city offers various advantages for the use of electric vehicles, with over 450 charging points distributed throughout numerous stations and car parks in all districts (125 are specifically for electric motorbikes), a 75% tax bonus on mechanical traction vehicles and a 0 Euro fee for parking in blue or green zone spaces.

Barcelona also has a wide range of shared electric vehicle services (scooters and cars) for travelling across the city when it is not possible to make use of public transport, going on foot or by bicycle.

Electric Vehicle Master Plan

Barcelona City Council is promoting a strategic plan to introduce electric vehicles in the city, encouraging sustainable mobility and improving air quality by reducing fossil-fuel emissions and encouraging locally sourced consumption. This will benefit urban community life.

Measures undertaken include the LIVE Platform, which is open to all public and private entities with links to sustainable mobility, basically electric and CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles, for the purposes of implementing projects, strategic policies and new business models, and creating a knowledge network.

Endolla Barcelona, the electric vehicle charging points service

Endolla Barcelona is a network of charging points for electric cars and scooters in Barcelona. Check the map for charging points and locate the nearest station to you. Charge comfortably and easily at different stations across the city.

How does it work?

First you have to download the Smou app, create a user account and, if you have the electric vehicle card, you can link it. Activate the Endolla Barcelona service and check the nearest charging point to you.