June 29, 2022 - 13:48

Urban planning. The project will last five weeks and gauge pollutant emissions, the improvement in noise levels and energy consumption of two types of machinery.

A pilot project is being carried out this summer to compare pollutant emissions and noise levels generated by electric machinery with those generated by the usual diesel units. The project will last for five weeks, during work to replace drainage pipes for pavements in C/ Balmes and Av. Esplugues.

Specifically, the project will determine levels of pollutant emissions, improvements in noise levels and the energy consumption of two types of machinery. The results will allow for an assessment of the technological feasibility of working with electric machines and approving a regulation, whereby specific clauses in tendering works include the gradual introduction of less pollutant machinery as an important factor in awarding contracts.

Public-private collaboration

The pilot project is the result of collaboration with companies involved in these works: Aigües de Barcelona (works promotor), Sorigué (execution of work), Germans Homs (machinery provider) and Wacker Neuson (machinery manufacturer).

The project is also part of the strategy to improve air quality and reduce noise in the city, in line with the goals in the Programme of Measures against Noise Pollution, the Programme of Measures against Air Pollution and the Climate Emergency declaration.

The idea is for construction machinery in the city to become increasingly quieter, more respectful towards people’s surroundings and more environmentally sustainable.