You can generate your own energy in Barcelona

Residential properties are some of the main consumers of energy in the city. We now have the opportunity to turn our homes into small clean-energy generation plants that help to offset the energy we consume.

This is already possible, not only because of Barcelona’s excellent climatic conditions, a city with many hours of sunlight, but also because renewable-energy technologies are more efficient and accessible to city residents than ever before.

We can generate renewable energies on the roofs of our buildings in different ways:

  • Photovoltaic solar energy. This allows electricity to be generated from sun light. The electricity generated can be brought onto the electric grid or can be used on site instantly in order to reduce energy consumption of the conventional network.
  • Solar thermal energy consists of using energy coming from the sun to warm domestic hot water.
  • Mini wind power uses the kinetic energy of the wind to convert it into electrical or mechanical energy. Energy is generated from aerogenerators moved by the wind.

Self-consumption Information Services

In order to meet the objective of increasing renewable energies, it is necessary to get all sectors of the city involved. In this way, the residential sector is vital and has some very specific requirements that cannot be given generalised solutions and that therefore often require very personalised attention.
Barcelona makes available to city stakeholders an information and guidance service. This is a space where consultations can be made, and solutions found for any queries and questions regarding solar energy and any possible new installations of photovoltaic generation.

By getting in touch with this service, you can find answers to any queries you may have, get to know the potential of your roof, and arrange meetings with technicians and experts in this field.

Here you will find the answers to any queries you may have if you wish to install energy self-generation systems in your building.

How much energy can you generate?

Through this map, you can find out if your building has the energy potential to generate your own energy.

Grants and allowances

Barcelona City Council offers aid through subsidies and tax advantages to generate your own energy.

Promoting the energy sector

With the measures and initiatives provided for in the transition process towards a new energy model, in addition to promoting renewable energy in the city, Barcelona City Council is also aiming to revitalise and boost a local business sector committed to renewable energies and energy efficiency that can create new and high-quality jobs.

With the aim of strengthening the sector and increasing renewable energy generation facilities across the city, it has been seen as an opportune time to create a meeting space for city residents, technicians and businesses with technical experts from the city authority.

Beyond the City Council Self-Consumption Information Services, there are experts in the sector with a broad range of experience across the city. To ensure impartiality and that no particular industry professionals are given preference over others, the City Council recommends that you contact the following professional regulating bodies and associations directly. They will provide a list of experts and companies that can develop and install facilities to generate your own energy.

Procedures for voluntary solar installations

Procedures for justifying compliance with the Barcelona Solar Ordinance

If you need to carry out a solar installation or an alternative installation as required by regulations (new buildings or comprehensive rehabilitation), see the section dedicated to the Barcelona Solar Ordinance

Success stories

In Barcelona, particularly due to the interest and drive shown by city residents, some residential communities have decided to invest collectively in installing solar panels in their buildings with the aim of reducing costs (from the lifts to lighting in car parks). Furthermore, obtaining a small monthly financial saving on each household’s bill is a benefit which comes from having energy produced by photovoltaic generation.

Here is a selection of videos and materials explaining the experiences of various owner/tenant communities which have opted for a shared self-consumption energy installation.

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