Education is a fundamental instrument in advancing the culture of sustainability and contributing to the acquisition of new values, attitudes and behaviours. For this reason, in 2001, within the framework of the Citizens’ Agreement for Sustainability in Barcelona, the Escoles+Sostenibles programme came about. Its aim was to contribute to sustainability in education and by the recognition of schools as actors of change in the city.

Over the last few years, Escoles+Sostenibles together with the Barcelona Education Consortium and Energy Agency have encouraged projects to incorporate energy in schools from an educational and practical perspective.

"Add energies" micro-network

In the 2020-21 academic year, the micro-network "Add energies" began.  

The micro-networks are groups of educational centres which, using the methodology promoted by Escoles+Sostenibles, at the same time develop projects based on the same topic.

The "Add energies" micro-network looks to answer global energy challenges and empower students and teachers about what it is and how to use energy through practical activities at their educational centres.

E3 Energy Empowerment project at educational centres

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the E3 project was implemented. This project gave guidance and empowerment towards energy discovery and improvement at Barcelona’s educational centres. A pilot scheme was undertaken at three centres across the city: at the Barri Besòs, Dr. Puigvert and Rambla Prim high schools.

E3 had the following objectives:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary service and learning projects at educational centres in the field of energy.
  • Reducing and optimising energy consumption at centres and improving comfort.
  • Defining the current state of centres and identifying areas for potential improvement.
  • Promoting energy sovereignty across the city.
  • Raising awareness about energy vulnerability and working to deal with this issue.

With the lessons and conclusions learnt from the E3 project, the "Add energies" micro-network was implemented.

Adaptation of schools for climate change: UIA project

Barcelona City Council has received funding from Urban Innovation Action (UIA), a European Commission programme as part of the ‘Adapting schools to climate change through green, blue and grey’ project. The projects propose initiatives in eleven schools through a package of blue measures (incorporating water points), green measures (spaces for shade and vegetation) and grey measures (works on buildings to improve insulation).

The aim is to convert eleven schools currently considered vulnerable to heat into climate shelters open to all city residents by implementing traditional solutions against heat in buildings and by transforming playgrounds through the introduction of vegetation, spaces for shade and water points.