The term of office of the current Municipal Corporation ends at midnight on 27 May 2023. Its members will continue in ordinary administrative functions until their successors take office, in the case of elected members. Senior managers will continue in their functions until the moment of their resignation or until the person who appointed them resigns. Inauguration of the elected members will take place on Saturday, 17 June 2023 or, in the event that an electoral appeal has been filed, on Friday, 7 July 2023.

The Barcelona Energy Agency (AEB) Consortium comprises the authorities that are directly involved in managing energy and the environment in their area of influence: Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Catalan Energy Institute, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

 What do we do at the AEB?

The mission of Barcelona’s Energy Agency is to help boost the city’s reputation as a benchmark city in dealing with energy issues and their environmental consequences. On this basis, we are working to ensure that the city optimises the use and management of local energy resources and the promotion of high-quality, rational and sustainable energy demands.

Therefore, the Agency’s work focuses on improving environmental quality and the sustainable development of the city, based on promoting energy saving, energy efficiency, and knowledge about and use of renewable energies, and optimising the quality of services linked to this sector.

Government administration and composition

The president is Eloi Badia (CV), non-paid position, and the director is Cristina Castells (CV). You can see the pay levels at Salary table.

Members of the Barcelona Local Energy Agency Consortium:

Representatives of Barcelona City Council

  • Eloi Badia Casas (President)

  • Laia Bonet Rull (First Vice-president)

  • Enrique Gornés Cardona

  • David Martínez Garcia

  • Jordi Campillo Gàmez

  • Frederic Ximeno Roca

  • Bàrbara Pons Giner

  • Joaquim Sangrà Morer

Representatives of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

  • Filomena Cañete Carrillo (Third Vice-president)

  • Imma Mayol Beltrán

Representatives of the Catalan Energy Institute

  • Marta Morera Marcé (Second Vice-president)

  • Joan Josep Escobar i Sánchez

  • Joan Esteve i Reyner

Representative of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

  • Lluís Batet Miracle

Representative of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • Maria carme Miralles Guasch

Union delegates

The agency does not have union delegates.

Recruitment processes

The Consortium’s recruitment processes are published on Barcelona City Council’s Public sector job vacancies page.

Annual accounts and budget

Staff and remuneration

Current collective labour agreement

Workers are signees to the agreement for work conditions for civil servants at Barcelona City Council and the Annex for specific conditions for workers (2017-2020).


You can consult the agreements between 2017 and 2019 with this >link.


Information concerning procurement is published on the City Council’s transparency website, together with information on other bodies linked to the City Council.

Access to public information

The City Council has a channel which you can use to find or ask for information

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is applicable to all aspects of Barcelona City Council and municipal bodies linked to it or third parties working with it at any level (autonomous bodies, public business entities, municipal commercial companies and companies with majority municipal share ownership, and consortia, and foundations and associations linked to Barcelona City Council). It brings together the ethical principles and values of good governance that go to inform any municipal activity and regulates the rules of conduct that must be observed by those for which it applies.